Slot Machine Creature From The Black Lagoon

The developers of NetEnt devoted a considerable amount of effort to creating an exciting game machine Creature From The Black Lagoon. The slot machine is the logical continuation of the horror movie that appeared on screen, in which there is an unusual monster. It is this film is usually called the classics of the genre, and all modern ideas and horror films are the logical continuation of this story. Each player is given the opportunity to tickle his nerves and feel the stamina of his psyche for the given slot machine.


The game interface will be able to please the players not only with fascinating and spectacular images of symbols, but also with stylish and colorful animation. Any beginner will be pleased with the convenience of the layout of the controls.

Sound and music accompaniment is very convenient, unobtrusive and strictly corresponds to the theme of the game slot. The gambler has to collect various combinations of characters from the protagonist and various optional equipment.

Among the game images you can find aqualungs, knives, binoculars and video cameras. However, the most important and valuable is the symbol of the missing girl Kay. To try your luck and try your hand, you can in an additional round, where you offer free backs. In this round, the player will need to go to the bottom of the sea to meet in the lair of an unknown monster. If the player can collect as many targets on the 5th reel as possible, he will be able to get one of the two Sticky Wild signs with the indication of the multi-colored images of the game.

Each of these signs is very valuable, because he can replace one of the cells of the field, and will prove useful in the compilation of various kinds of combinations.


The management procedure in the game is as simple as possible and understandable for every gambler. At the bottom of the display you can adjust the desired denomination of coins and choose the value of a suitable bet for yourself. The number of lines is fixed at the level of 20 pieces, but the use of a loyal range will allow selecting for each player an individually appropriate strategy and the order of the game. By using the AutoPlay key, you can specify the desired number of spins automatically, and the value of the allowable marginal rate through AutoPlay. Thanks to the button Info is offered the opportunity to get acquainted with all possible pay coefficients and features of additional signs.

To battle the main negative character from the Black Lagoon and get the maximum win you will need to sneak into the seabed using the symbol scatterer. To perform this procedure, you will need to collect more than three scatter marks on the field.

Using the bonus game mode, you can see the indicator of the monster life indicator at the bottom of the screen, on the right, and in addition, the new symbol is the target. You can independently decide the fate of the girl and the size of your reward from the number of targets that can be found on the fifth drum. Thanks to the target, you can open advanced features from the Wild symbol, which will allow you to run additional free-spins. The risk can be very justified, because the bonus game will be generous enough, and thanks to wild symbols, you can do all the work without difficulties.

In this game slot there is no possibility of playing a game for doubling. The payment procedure is based on the most valuable combination. The symbol of parsing you can find only on odd drums, which is the key to getting a prize round.


For avid players it will be very pleasant that the factor is that there are no such card symbols that are annoying to each of us. On the pages of the screen you will be offered only basic values ​​according to the subject in an amount of 8 pieces.

Among the signs with low pay is:

  • An old video camera;
  • A balloon filled with oxygen;
  • Hunting knife;
  • Inspection binoculars.

To higher-paying symbols can be attributed images of the main characters of the eponymous film. Each such image can bring a combination of five identical signs. Symbol Wild is represented in the base game with only three pieces, outwardly resemble a logo with the name of the game. Of course, they do not give payments by themselves, but they allow you to replace any of the possible symbols. And as a bonus, with the appearance of the symbol there will be another opportunity for re-spin.

Bonus Games

Any of the wild symbols provides an opportunity to start the re-spin. Such free spins will continue until the Wild signs are gone. Very often, players can be offered several turns in succession.

Separately, one should look after the state of health of the main monster, after each hit – the health will decrease.


The RTP is set at 96.5%. The maximum amount of winnings during the main game is 7,500 coins, with the activation of the free game 7,500 coins, one-time 200,000 coins.


The slot machine will surely take hold of your heart, if you are not indifferent to adventure. You can be sure that you will never be bored during the game.