Fisticuffs Slot Machine

Fisticuffs slot will be especially liked by those gamblers who are simply crazy about fisticuffs and are fans of various sports disciplines. Knowing the basic skills of self-defense and protecting one’s companion has always been a requirement for a man, the present times are no exception.

The gaming machine will tell the story of two fighters: one of them is distinguished by an uncommon thinness, the other is a very dense physique. Both fighters are fighting for the main trophy and have about the same chances of getting it.

That’s why NetEnt decided how to train players in a virtual mode, and to attract them to the ranks of adherents of fisticuffs in the future. Slot Fisticuffs has a sufficiently favorable return rate for players – the system directs payments to gamblers to 96.7% of all bets made.


To design a slot about fistfights, the developer chose orange-brown shades. They somewhat resemble a boxing ring, where you can show your skills, as well as reset the accumulated stress. Each rotation of the drums takes place along with a spectacular sound, which reminds us of the fight that is taking place in the ring.

If you can combine the symbols of the prize combination, the player will be greeted with victorious fanfares of satisfied and grateful spectators.


At the bottom of the screen the gaming machine has convenient buttons. With their help, the player will be able to set the number of coins put on the rotation, and also select the bet level. The number of lines in any scenario remains unchanged – the player will always bet on only 10 prize lines. At the bottom of the screen there are small-sized keys – with their help you can customize the sound and visual effects for a productive game according to the wishes of the gambler.

The feature of the slot is the function Both Ways – it consists in the fact that the calculation of the prize combinations is conducted from right to left, and in the reverse order. Therefore, theoretically, the chances of losing a winning combination for a player and getting a cash prize are about double.

To create a gambler that is profitable for a gambler, it is necessary to match at least three identical symbols, they must necessarily be placed in a row within the prize line. One of the symbols of this sequence rests on the outer drum – this is also an important rule for accruing a monetary prize for a combination.


Images for which the player will receive cash payments, fully consistent with the subject of boxing. On the reels you can get prizes for the same images of the cup, boxing gloves, bowls with a towel for cooling after the fight, bench, gong, and also the championship belt. The maximum limit of payments for the coincidence of these symbols is set in the form of a x500 multiplier.

Wilds in the form of boxers

There are three kinds of wild symbols on the NetEnt slot, each of which is closely related to the boxing theme. So, you can evaluate the following types of wilds:

  • Straight – it can occur exclusively on the middle, third drum. This “wild” symbol is made in the form of a fat boxer, who intends to always win only by using his weight. Skills and tactics for this athlete are concepts alien and extremely unfamiliar;
  • Diagonal – it appears only on the second and fourth drums. The boxer, who is depicted on a wild, is rather frail. But in a duel he takes with his zeal and is capable of instant and decisive rush into battle. For him, the physique of the enemy and his declared fighting data are not an obstacle;
  • Stacked – appears on the screen after a meeting in the ring of two boxers in different weight classes. The symbol additionally gives the player one free rotation of the reels to receive a monetary win.

We invite you to participate in this interesting and unusual boxing tournament right now, you will be pleased with the graphics and functionality of the Fisticuffs slot. Only you decide what kind of boxer to empathize in the game: fat or thin. In any scenario, you will get a lot of positive emotions and feel all the tension of the battle in the ring.