Fortune Teller Slot Machine

Subjects of mysterious divination and meetings with various fortune tellers are quite successfully disclosed in the Fortune Teller gaming machine. It is only necessary to open the machine, and you can transfer to a gypsy camp, which does not cease to wander between temporary shelters.

Just look one eye at the screen and you will feel the presence:

  • sweet-tongued fortunetellers and black-eyed beauties;
  • strong and courageous men;
  • a huge number of wagons, which is an indispensable condition for a wandering life.

You can hear the chime of bells and bells, and their pleasant and cheerful sound will touch each of us. The machine is made in red-brown tones, and the bright symbols performed resemble the hidden future of the map, laid out in the space of blue cloth. Even such special digits of payment are executed quite originally and are most similar to a small coin of different colors. In conclusion, it is worth mentioning the symbol of the prophetess herself, who holds a real crystal ball in her hands.

You can be sure that fortune-telling cards and the desire to look at the future a little, as before, are of special interest among people. Even those who were previously indifferent to such predictions. Interest remains all the same in demand. It is in this situation that the Fortune Teller gaming machine comes to the rescue, in which the players managed to combine the magic of ancient rites, the spirit of adventurism and the sounds of falling coins. Look in the crystal ball and find the most radiant predictions.


The slot machine is executed in warm and pleasant warm-brown tones, and the bright symbols on the field present remind us of the hidden future. All the cards are arranged on a flat and monophonic blue cloth. The figures of payments are original and multi-colored coins. As the crowning element, a crystal ball was used in the hands of the prophetess.


The game is played using 30 active lines. There is an opportunity to use the same free games with multiplication by three and bonus. Due to the presence of five drums and 30 paylines, you get the maximum chance of getting a significant win in the machine.

I use the button “Bet Line”, you can, according to your own preferences, pick and set the desired number of lines to win.

The player is given the opportunity to select the number of coins per active line using the buttons “Coin Value” and “Bet Level”, indicating their nominal value. In addition to the main mode, it is possible to try your hand at the thematic bonus round.


All the service symbols that are offered to players in the gaming machine have appropriately printed inscriptions in English. The symbol “wild” contains a detailed picture of the hand with the eye, which allows not only replacing any other pictures, but also make up special winning sequences.

When using a wild symbol, a payoff with odds is calculated:

  • 7500;
  • 2000;
  • 200;

As a scatter, a magic ball with the inscription “scatter” can be applied, and it allows to create combinations regardless of the position on the screen of the gaming device. In addition, if you use three or more magic balls, you can get 12 free spins. If you drop a portrait of a gypsy with the inscription “bonus”, you can get a bonus game.

The remaining symbols are able to bring a win only in case of consecutive use of 3 or more images. The most simple and “inexpensive” is the sign of a dozen, for it is given for its value is offered 2, 15 or 75 coins for each chosen one. Jacks of worms have the same values ​​of the coefficients. The illustrated gypsy tambourine with the letters “Q” or “K” has multipliers of 5, 25, 100. While the letter “A” can be 10, 50 or 125. A tent with gypsies has the coefficients 15, 60, 250.

Bonus Games

Presented in the machine and the opportunity for a free game. The opportunity to get a free spin is available if you have at least three characters of the magic ball. The player is given 12 free spins. At this time, the gambler does not need to take absolutely no action. During this game, the winnings will be received in triple size.


The parameter RTP in the machine is set at 93.3%. The size of the maximum winnings is about 7,500 coins.


As a conclusion, it should be noted that the slot machine is quite interesting and suitable for fans of a variety of fortune-telling or card entertainment. It is in this slot machine that the possibility of opening a mysterious sequence of events and a pleasant pastime is combined. One has only to try to look into the magic ball, and you will be able to discover completely new possibilities of fantastic worlds. NetEnt developers were able to successfully combine high-quality animation, well-assembled sound effects with interesting gaming capabilities. We hope that this game and you will definitely like it, and you too can get carried away with gambling cards and divination.