Go Bananas slot


As with most of its games, the company Net Entertainment created the slot with the maximum attention to its details. The game features monkeys that will assist the player in activating wild symbols when making various combinations. You will surely like the five monkeys that will become your best friends. Moreover, if even one of them appears on the screen, it will be a feast for your eyes, and you’ll experience a huge amount of unforgettable feelings and possibilities.

The game graphics resembles the illustrations of exciting old books, and reminds you of the “Mowgli” cartoon. This whole fascinating process takes place on a wooden platform within delineated brown frame, decorated with vines and various fruit hanging from the ceiling.


It is quite simple to participate in the game, since all the lines are already actively used by default, and you do not have to set the number of active ones. Thus, the player can click only two buttons: level (to specify the size of the bet), win (to activate reel spins). The desirable coin value can be adjusted in the coin value tab.

The max bet option is for the players who want to play at full capacity. Moreover, you may start the game in auto play mode. The player will only be given the information regarding the current account and the number of wins. Additionally, you will be able to do the following:

  • to turn on/off the custom animation;
  • to set sound effects at your option;
  • to choose optimal image quality, etc.
  • Furthermore, a separate menu entry with the detailed instruction will be provided for the user.


The slot machine offers five additional wild symbol features. The symbol is activated when one of five monkeys appears on the layout.

Types of symbols:

The gorilla helps to make a combination of wilds forming a diagonal cross. 5 wild symbols can replace any other symbol. Upon such substitution, the payline that brings the largest gain is activated.

  • The Wild orangutan that fills the entire square will activate four symbols.
  • The baboon activates three bananas in a vertical pattern.
  • The languor activates three symbols in one row horizontally.
  • The Tarsier activates two bananas either in a vertical or a horizontal line.
  • The slot does not provide any bonus rounds.


The RTP of the slot makes up 96.9%, and the payout can amount up to 140 000 coins.

Proceeding from the game theme, it becomes clear that the players are able to find almost anything that is available in the jungle. The highest paying symbol of the game is a huge ruby stone paying out about 7000 Euros on a single line. 5 such symbols on one active payline result in a win equal to the bet level multiplied 700 times. The maximum payout makes up about 10 coins per 1 Euro.

  • The golden statue allows for a winning combination worth 350 bets per single line.
  • The wad of cash with a monkey money clip provides the player a gain in the amount of 250 bets.
  • Monkey bongo drums pays out 180 bets.
  • Ice cream allows for a win in the amount of 140 bets. It is followed by the orange worth 70 bets, the pineapple worth 60, the coconut – 50, the mango – 40, and the plum – 30 bets respectively.


In conclusion, it is worth saying that the Net Entertainment developers have made a great effort to create user-friendly and interesting games. A huge variety of symbols, easy-to-use interface and active game process will get you hooked on this game. You can be sure that you will be able to get a significant amount of positive emotions that will please you and bring a lot of positive emotions.

Even a child will be able to handle the game, due to its simple design and thought-out elements. All this is one more advantage of the slot. The game was developed back in 2014. The game is in high demand among the players and partners, and continues to grow in popularity among the gamblers. Indeed, the slot was created for the players to cut loose and fully enjoy the game process.

Of course, we advise you not to take our word on it, but to test all offered features of the gameplay by yourselves. You are surely guaranteed an unforgettable experience combined with pleasure from the singing of tropical birds and quiet music for relaxation.