Description of the game magic portals

Magic Portals game slot is developed by NetEnt company on the subject of mysterious phenomena, transformations and magic. The machine for online games is made of 5 ordinary drums, which have 25 lines, on which you can bet. A characteristic feature of this machine is the constant presence on the side drums of specific portals, in which the symbols of the central positions appear during each spin.

Design scheme

After the first acquaintance with this machine, it fascinates with a graphical interface. In the upper part there is an image with the name, below there are drums. Each sign is very qualitatively drawn, which is evident when the winning combinations are added – the animation starts and they move, leaving behind them a multi-colored traces of fire.

The most interesting are the purple portals on the side drums. This is due to the fact that when the signs appearing in the portals coincide during the spin, they begin to acquire the outline of the wild, just like the other signs that coincide with them in the remaining positions. When the transformation into wild symbols begins, a bunch of elements begins with each other and it looks very, very impressive.

Near the drums are the numbers from 1 to 25, which light up while receiving payments on any of the lines. From the bottom there is a panel with the main and additional buttons. The main buttons are green and they are on the panel of brown color, and additional ones are placed on the gray. On the backs you can hear a mysterious melody, which is interrupted by the sound of rotation and signals when receiving a payment.

Process of the game

To make a bet, you must first set the settings on the control panel. Due to the fact that the number of lines is constant, and is not regulated, we must immediately set the rate. Initially, you need to determine the size of the game level, you can do it by clicking the button under the word Level. You can choose between levels 1 to 10. Each of the steps adds 25 credits to the bet. The maximum is 250. Then you need to select the face value of the token under the words Coin Value. Among the available options: 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 and 1, which is equal to the sum of 25 EUR. After completing these steps, you can start the reels by pressing the main button.

The size of the currently relevant bet is always shown in the Bet column, and on the other hand, in the Coins column, you can see what’s on your balance. Just above the start button, there is a window showing the size of the last payout. After clicking on AutoPlay, the automatic mode is activated and the drums rotate themselves, in the opened window you need to determine the number of rotations.

To learn the payout table for each of the symbols, you can in the section marked with the letter “i”, or by clicking on the symbol on the reel. In addition to the information on payments in the “Payout Table” menu, you can get acquainted with the advantages of scattered, as well as bonus symbols and the conditions under which they can be obtained. You can move from page to page by clicking on the arrows.

Video slot summary

At the moment when the drums are spinning on the Magic Portals video slot, the player wants to achieve two goals: to get the most out of the game and to win the maximum amount. The first goal excellently solves well-thought-out functionality and quality graphic design, offering the player eleven original characters, two portals and high-quality animation. Exciting subjects, fairy-tale characters and high-quality graphics create the illusion of being in the world of magic. Those who liked to play on the famous machine Skazka, certainly enjoy the new online machine with sorcerers, dragons and other fairy-tale heroes.

The second goal depends entirely on how often strong elements and payments of certain combinations fall out, they can add up even with 3 coincidences on the line, for this reason the players will not complain of their rare occurrence. All this thanks to both wild symbols and the Free rotation element, in which payments with Wild are increased several times.