South Park slot machine

In the South Park winter has come, all roads are swept up and a famous company of friends has come to mind to visit the slot machine hall. A continuation of the story can be learned by getting acquainted with the online slot “South Park”, presented by the company “Net Entertainment”. What does the slot machine offer? Here the gamer expects:

  • wild sign;
  • scatter;

The game has five drums, 25 lines, familiar heroes and free spins. Well, let’s get acquainted closer.

The rules of the “South Park” game.

You need to start by choosing a course of game currency. Then in the “coin value” menu of the “South Park” device, you must select the value of this course. Its limits are 0.01-1 credit. After that, indicate the number of coins that you are going to put on each individual line from all 25 options. To do this, select the desired value in the “level” item – 1-10. Do not want to spend time tuning, but immediately aimed at a serious game – press “max bet”, automatically launching one spin with the largest bet parameters. If there is a desire to play for free on the online slot machine “South Park” for free, as a prize virtual loans will perform.

To enable the slot, two methods are used:

  • Start one spin by pressing the round button, on which are drawn two arrows.
  • Through the menu “autoplay”, with the display of any desired number of possible spins.

To get acquainted with the rules of the online machine “South Park” you need to click on the “paytable” button. Together with the rules of the game on the slot, a table of winning multipliers will be displayed. The victory is awarded for the combinations coming from the extreme coil on the left to the right side.

Pictures and multipliers on the slot “South Park”

The classic “wild” symbol replaces any other picture, except for special ones, with the inscription “wild”. The bonus sign is a standard “bonus” inscription, appears on the 3rd and 4th reels. Receiving 2 of these images together with a bonus pattern on the 5 reel, depicting the character of the series “South Park”, launches a bonus game. It is worth knowing that there are several bonuses in the game. Each type of bonus depends on the character on the screen.

The usual images of heroes on the slot are combined in combination with the following coefficients:

  • Stan Marsh – 25, 50, 200.
  • Eric Cartman – 25, 125, 750.
  • Kyle Broflowski – 25, 75, 300.
  • Kenny McCormick – 25, 100, 400.

Other combinations:

  • A is 5, 35, 125;
  • J = 5, 25, 50;
  • Q = 5, 25, 75;
  • K is 5, 30, 100.

Free Spins and Bonus Games

Running free spins Kyle is possible when you get a portrait of Kyle along with two pictures of the “bonus”. As a bonus, the game provides 10 spins, identical to the last bet. In this mode of play, Kyle can provide:

  • an additional factor of 2-10;
  • prize – 50-500 coins, if the game is at the minimum bet;
  • additional “free spins” in the amount of three pieces.

The game with Kenny is to manage the character of the cartoon “South Park”. Kenny will jump through the zones, each successful jump adds prize coins, or an additional prize multiplier.

The game with Cartman also involves choosing and getting coins, or a multiplier. Another possible restart of the game, the prize is saved. There may be a warning or the end of the bonus game.

A distinctive feature of the game with Stan is in the presence of the so-called “sticky” wild symbol. It can fall out in a random field and for the next 2 rotations there remains, sticks. With a certain percentage of luck of such symbols in the slot “South Park” can be two only.

When playing with “Terence and Phillip” is the distribution of wild symbols. They can be placed on 2, 3 or 4 reels. The launch of the bonus depends entirely on the case and is intended for the main game mode.

Mr. Henki’s bonus gives up to three wild symbols on odd drums, although then they can “move” to even. Running a bonus is also completely random. Even during the game on the “South Park” machine there is a mini-bonus from Cartman, when on the three center drums there can drop up to 9 wild signs.