Subtopia Video Slot

Let me introduce you to the Subtopia slot, with which you now have the opportunity to dive into an interesting and fascinating underwater world. More specifically, he will join the team of brave conquerors of the sea depth.

Description of the automaton theme

The theme of the new submachine gun Subtopia introduces us to the life of submariners, who bravely look into the eyes of any danger. All elements are made very high quality and perfectly illuminate the subject of the slot. In short, on this new machine, the game carries away from the very beginning, giving the opportunity to be imbued with an adventurous spirit.

The company NetEnt again was able to prove the unquestionably high level of its skill by creating this gaming machine. It is difficult to express the state in which a person resides playing on Subtopia. For this reason, we offer you to experience all the advantages of this slot.

If you are intrigued by the theme of adventure in the depths of the sea, we invite you to go to the development of Subtopia submachine gun.

Description of the machine design

The machine is made in the style of absolute conformity with its theme: to the smallest detail repeating the life of conquerors of the seabed. All the symbols in the device are professionally thought out. Coupled with an excellent melody, they create the illusion of personal involvement in the study of the seabed. Bold men, a young woman with books that personifies the intellectual work that precedes travel – all this in combination creates a very spectacular overall picture of the gameplay.

The color in the game is predominantly in blue shades, which is a symbol of the seabed, and the background on the screen is made in the form of an image of the underwater world. I can not believe that the slot today left the framework of the usual perception for us and became a separate game that has its own plot and its tasks. Playing on Subtopia, the player with a head is dipped into the process and all the problems surrounding him temporarily disappear.

Description of the game process

Gameplay is classic and it does not provide any special knowledge in gaming machines. All that is needed to start – just set the number of lines for the game and make a bet, that’s all, you can press the start. The video slot itself will scroll and show you the played combinations. The control buttons are traditionally for NetEnt on the screen.

As already mentioned, a gamer can choose the bet that will be scrolled and the price of the spin depends on it. Also for the fans the manufacturer was provided with the button “maximum impact”: with its help, the machine automatically activates the maximum number of lines and the highest bet, based on the game balance.

Traditionally, in the slots of this manufacturer of machines, here you can see very high-quality information support for the gamer, which very quickly helps to orient even the beginner. The payout table provides information on the cost of each of the lines, their structure, and you can get to know more closely with the wild symbol and the scatterer.

Video slot summary

Subtopia is a very interesting automaton with high quality graphics, which very quickly increases the number of its fans and every day it becomes more and more famous. We recommend you to personally test all the advantages of this exciting game for this automatic and to break your personal jackpot.