The Excalibur slot machine

Each of us wants at least a short period of time to break away from the routine and forget about the presence of problems. The opportunity to have fun with excitement is really an optimal solution to such a question. It is the slot machine that allows you not only to relax, but also to earn a good amount of finance. In this slot machine you can find the doors of an ancient castle, in which there are a huge number of different secrets wrapped in the mystery of legends and fearless knights, castles beyond which you are waiting for an incredible adventure.

A significant number of legends came to us from the past. Most of which were quickly forgotten, but the most mysterious and bright continue to amaze the minds of our compatriots, despite cultural heritage and are passed on from generation to generation. It is this legend, you can find, in the slot machine Excalibur from developer Net Entertainment. An automaton was created according to the legend of King Arthur, in which his faithful Escalibur sword is the basis for creating a new slot machine. You can be sure that you will definitely appreciate all the advantages of the gambling process and the opportunities offered for each active participant.


As the main color, brown shades are used, in which the main interface of the slot is executed. The general interface of the slot machine resembles the wall of an old castle. As additional elements are used colorful symbols, each of which attracts even more attention and creates bright lines among possible combinations of winning.

If we talk about the quality of animation, then it should be said that they are used in a moderate amount and appear only in the case of multiple combinations of values ​​at the same time. Sounds reproduce the finding of a knight in a difficult and difficult journey. You can hear the whiff of the wind, the whistling of the marching melody and the flow from the hooves and neigh of the horse. All this will allow the player to feel part of what is happening on the screen and completely plunge into the atmosphere of action in the virtual world of magic and magic.

Separately it is necessary to tell about musical accompaniment from solemn and exciting overflows and intriguing atmosphere. Do not put it in the back box, dress in knightly armor and hurry to new victories, armed with a menacing sword right now.


To start the main game in the machine it is enough to make a bet and choose the number of lines from 1 to 20 and the nominal values ​​of the coins used. After that, you can begin to collect coins, choosing those or other winning combinations.

The Paytable section will help you find data regarding:

  • Amounts and amounts of payments;
  • Features of certain symbols and meanings;
  • Structures for winning lines;
  • The rest of the game aspects.

The machine does not provide for the possibility of playing for doubling, but allows the use of whole 3-хбонусных values ​​that provide bonus features. Among the additional advantages is to voice the prize game with free spins and multipliers of the won amount.


The simplest are the images of the Shields, which bear painted signs indicating the values ​​of the playing cards. If there are 3 or more shield images on the active line, you will be able to get from two to 150 bets.

In addition, the machine has the opportunity to see:

  • King Arthur himself;
  • The incredible Merlin;
  • The rest of the wizards;
  • The Knight of Lancelot.

Depending on the symbol, the player can become richer from 10 to 750 bets.

The most effective and costly is the Escalibur Sword, which not only can bring victory, but also cure the biggest and most serious wounds. That is why, it is the sword that is used as the symbol of Wild. He rebuilds any unsuccessful combinations in one stroke, and any payouts with a symbol increase fourfold.

The Grail is used as a squatter symbol, and its fallout will improve the positions and mood among players, activating the possibility of free rotation.

Bonus Games

The image of the Grail allows you to activate the opportunity for a free game. Up to thirty such rotations are allowed. During the rotation, all wins are multiplied by three.


The value of RTP in the machine is set at 95.1%. The maximum allowable winnings can be up to 120,000 coins.


As a conclusion, we can say that the Excalibur gaming machine is a new version from all of us of this familiar old legend. Graphic performance of high quality allows everyone to feel himself a full participant in old enough and legendary stories. You will be able to meet the unique thoughtfulness of every single detail, which allows you to create a unique overall atmosphere of heroes’ victory among such distant and ancient events of the Middle Ages. Try to share the old difficulties with King Arthur and be sure to be rewarded for your efforts and efforts.