The King of Chicago gambling machine

The creators of the slot machine King of Chicago took care of the opportunity for the player to visit an underground gambling establishment. Just imagine that a neatly dressed doorman takes from you a sloop and a coat, and the incredible beauty of the girl is already shooting her eyes in your direction. It’s hard to imagine, but this is the atmosphere that offers you a slot of King of Chicago. As soon as the game process began, the space of the green carpet was replenished with a lot of game cards, which are constantly shifted from left to right. You can be sure that even a person who is not a gambler will die at all, not to mention those who can not live a single day without gambling hobbies.

The advantages of the game:

  • Unique colorful graphics;
  • The interface worked up to each separate detail;
  • A suitable musical accompaniment, adaptable to the game process.

All this allows you to get real pleasure from the game process and help get your dose of adrenaline.


The design of the slot machine recalls the actions that took place in the twenties of the last century. It is at this point that you are in one of the most chic establishments in the city of Chicago. In the background, jazz sounds unobtrusively, and players observe what is happening behind the game table.

The screen is completely covered with green cloth, which is an obligatory attribute of this kind of institutions. In the corners of the game table are various values, diamonds, jewelry and weapons. All this is a direct confirmation of the high status of the owner of the game table.

Unaccustomed to the player will be that during the game there is no such usual rotation of the drums. The game table uses only the layout of the cards according to the scheme 3 * 5.


The process is completely devoid of playing drums, however the player will be able to meet five game lines, which always remain active. Cards are used as reels. And for the payout multiplier, various poker combinations are used. You can be sure that in the pockets of the famous gangster there are a lot of different things.


Various poker combinations are used as symbols in the slot. In addition to any card that is on the game board, Scatter can appear. Each of the scatter symbols can be paid regardless of its location, which allows the player to play back with twice the coefficient value. In addition, the player can be offered from five to five hundred additional bets. If you get two Scatter values, you can get a doubling of the total bet right now.

The Wild function uses a joker. It can be chosen to replace any card on the table. When a combination with his participation falls out, the payout amount can be doubled, because the symbol also acts as a multiplier.

Separately it is necessary to say about the possibility of activating free spins, which are charged for a different number of scatterers. Only three icons will bring ten free hands, four – twenty rotations, and five – thirty rotations. With free spins, each payment will be made in a double amount. When the desired combination is dropped, the round can be extended. Thus, it becomes clear that the character system is sufficiently advanced and only emphasizes gaming advantages.

Bonus Games

Possibilities to use progressive jackpot or system of bonus games are not present. To replace these rounds are offered free games, during which, there is a doubling of any winnings. Thus, during free bonus rotations, any combination using wild symbols is paid four times as much as specified in the payout table.


The RTP parameter is specified at a value of 97.8%. The maximum amount of winnings is 20,000 coins.


As a conclusion, it should be said that the King of Chicago gaming machine will prove to be more than interesting for a lot of players. Among experienced and passionate players, this gaming machine by right takes quite good positions and is very in demand. Just get a little daring and run the machine to feel really a real gangster. You can be sure that huge winnings will necessarily wait for you, because no one will argue with a man who has a loaded gun.

An incredible sense of excitement and the dying of the heart is provided by playing on the machine. Of course, the use of poker combinations may seem strange enough for some players, however, after a little accustoming, you will become much more comfortable and familiar. You can be sure that the device will definitely give players incredible feelings of excitement and great financial victories. Professional players will be pleasantly surprised by the large indicator of the expected payment, which allows you to get the maximum amount of money for everyone who wants to earn money.