The Reel Steal gambling machine

The original Reel Steal slot machine from NetEnt is a great option for those who like everything unusual. It is unique in everything: it has its own theme and plot, but it also has an interesting interface. Features of the machine are many, we will tell about them further …

The interface, which was positively appreciated by millions of users

The Reel Steal from NetEnt is a slot that is practically unmatched. He is able to attract the attention of both experienced players and those who decided to discover a completely new genre of games.

The external appeal of the machine and the peculiar interface keeps the attention intriguing. The style of pop art is chosen for the design of the slot is not accidental. The bright interface is created in the style of comic sketches, which makes it even more creative. And the design of the game panel in the style of high-tech makes it even more modern.

If you like slots, the NetEnt Reel Steal will surprise you. The background of the game in the form of a map, bright colors of all elements, unique functionality – all this will increase the fun of the game. You can see the heroes, browse the territory, select the icons, so you will want to play again and again.

The gameplay is adjusted to the maximum!

If in many similar games the interaction of the player and the game process is not so improved, then here everything is different. You need maximum participation, you are the protagonist of the game. This is what attracts players, because it is always pleasant to be the author of all actions. You will receive rewards, become a member of the gangster group, you can win a lot of money and gold.

The peculiarity of this gaming machine is that you are not just a participant of the process, and those who commit these acts take risks and earn money not in the most honest way.

Symbols – the perfect addition

The symbolic conventions in the machine are written very clearly. The creators paid special attention to this, so they improved the slot to the maximum. Only in the Reel Steal with symbols you can get even more profit.

You will be able to use:

  • Symbol of weapons, which is very useful in the fight. Do not forget to grab additional documents, keys – in the Reel Steal slot it will all be very useful.
  • The symbols of the bag and suitcases are a nice addition for the players. All these elements will help to derail even greater profits.
  • Symbol Wild (yellow car) – this is something without which escape is impossible. Try not to lose sight of his appearance.

Bonus games will increase revenue

Free games, in which you can play in parallel – this is your perfect chance to earn. Each of them can increase revenue or even accompany luck. There are several options for bonus games, which will help you choose a more interesting game for the player.

But, it is important to take into account that each of them gives a number of individual advantages. Before you play the Reel Steal, you need to remember the most important things:

  • The bonus games presented by the creator (without investment of funds) use the established denomination of the rate at which the activation was made.
  • All income from bonus free games is multiplied by five.
  • During the game in Free Spins, your winnings on Wild symbols are multiplied by 25.
  • The special symbol Scatter during free games adds and makes active only one additional rotation.


Win is the main reason to start the game. It is the earnings that the player receives as a result and is the reason for the subsequent games. So, it is the limits provided – this is the main indicator. In the slot machine Reel Steal this moment is the most pleasant for users. Here to get real money is easy.


If you are looking for a slot that you like right away, then the Reel Steal is the best solution. He takes into account all the wishes of the players, is modern. It is a pleasure to play it, and it’s easy to make money. To get even greater benefits, you can take advantage of the creators’ tips, increase bets with more profit for yourself. Each new game will be for you an exciting adventure with a lot of unexpected surprises.