The Wish Master Video Slot

NetEnt has developed some of the most successful video slots that stand out among the huge variety of similar games. In their range of gambling products, particularly noteworthy is The Wish Master slot machine. You will enjoy the gameplay immensely. In addition, according to unofficial data, this video slot is considered to be the most beautiful one ever created by the NetEnt developer.

The theme of the slot machine is the fulfillment of your wishes by the Jinn. In early childhood, each of us cherished the dreams of encountering a Jinn or catching a goldfish that would fulfill any whims or wishes of ours. The creators of the gambling machine probably intended to bring to life this dream of many. So, the slot’s theme is popular and familiar to people, which makes it incredibly relevant and interesting to every gambler. During a fairly short period of time, you will visit an incredible virtual world and try to form a friendship with the Jinn. Worth noting, he often acts as an evil character and is friends with antagonists. Most likely, the Jinn was simply offended by someone and has trouble trusting people. However, all this should not bother you, all methods are good in pursuit of a dream.


The slot’s interface is really thought out and designed up to the mark. After all, this machine is considered to be one of the most beautiful and eye-catching products by the developer in question. Certain gloominess and unfriendliness on the part of the Jinn create an atmosphere of sinister and black magic. Many of us will see the character from an unusual side. At the beginning of the game, you watch a short video that allows you to plunge into the game’s atmosphere even faster. All the actions unfold in a one-of-the-kind cave full of all sorts of jewelry and treasures. After the Jinn’s lamp appears and becomes available, you can go to the main screen of the video slot. This window displays five regular reels with symbols that fully corresponds to the wish fulfillment theme.

The video slot machine boasts of jaw-dropping graphics, bright colors, and incredible music. All this has resulted in a really practical and attention-grasping emulator.

In the upper part of the screen, there is an inscription of the name of the game designed in an ominous style. Various dark and gloomy colors serve as the background, which creates a truly unique and exciting atmosphere. In the information table, you can find everything regarding the amount of credits, the number of active pay lines, and your winnings. As always, there is a green button at the bottom that triggers the reels to spin. The Jinn’s lamp in the lower right corner can become active at any time.


The game process is quite diverse and saturated due to the use of various features and wild symbols. The Jinn performs a variety of actions, which not only attracts the attention of players but also encourages new users to try out the slot. Just wish to go on such an exciting adventure, and you will plunge into the world of incredible things and events. Don’t forget to set the initial parameters, including coin values, the number of active pay lines, and the optimal betting amounts. Now, it’s time to make the reels spin. You will be pleased with a variety of combinations, which will definitely include a few winning ones.

Don’t forget to get familiar with the pay table beforehand to find out what each particular combination will bring you. Although the slot machine may seem a tad complex at the first sight, you will most certainly enjoy the game process. We recommend starting with the free version of the emulator. After you’ve devoted a little time to learning the basics, you will certainly appreciate all the advantages of this interesting and thrilling slot.


The slot machine offers a huge number of features that can deliver a full return of your bet. The card symbols have the lowest RTP ratio, while other symbols offer higher returns. The Wild Symbol can appear quite frequently. However, it usually delivers only a small winning. If you’re lucky, you can get a decent cash win. But only a combination of bonus features can give you a truly large reward.

Bonus Rounds

When there appears a new scroll symbol, it complements the existing function and gives you 5 additional free spins. Worth saying, you can’t activate more than three wishes at the same time.


The overall RTP percentage is 96.8%, which is quite a good rate. The maximum winning amount is about 900,000 coins.


To sum up it all, NetEnt has created a truly unique and interesting video slot that many gamblers will enjoy and become keen on. Many will appreciate its beautiful design and high level of thrill.