Viking’s Treasure Video Slot

In movies and historical records, the Vikings appear as harsh and ruthless knights living in the severe conditions of the Scandinavian fjords. One glance at the Vikings is enough to realize that peaceful lives, such as raising livestock or cultivating the land, are not for them. The non-stop struggle for survival was what made the Vikings become brave pilgrims and fearless conquerors, precisely as depicted in films. Everyone who is interested in the opportunity to take part in campaigns of the Vikings and to learn about the life of these ancient seafarers will also be interested in playing the slot machine in question. Set off on an incredible voyage on board of a Drakkar Dragon Ship!

That is probably why this tribe is considered to be so severe and very manly. They traveled across cold seas and lived in difficult and harsh conditions. It’s safe to say that such a life forges and tempers your spirit.

However, you don’t have to take our word for it. We recommend that you try your luck and test your strength by playing this slot.


Various tones of blue with inserts of warm wood colors are the primary palette, while the pay lines feature a more vivid color scheme. In the center, there is an ice field where you spin the reels. Numerous ice blocks at the bottom of the screen serve to remind the player about the difficult conditions that the Vikings had to face during their long journeys.

The sound accompaniment includes melodic tunes of the wind, various tuneful songs, and periodic triumphant cries. This creates a completely harmonious and thought-out picture. The design is breath-catching; it’s intended to temper each player’s spirit. When the Vikings returned home, they used to bring along a huge number of chests with gold and precious stones of various denominations. It was thanks to their fearlessness that the Viking people could conquer almost any territory. Try your luck at this game, and you will surely experience the thrill and passion of gambling.


The stylization features very interesting elements and details that allow enjoying the theme to the fullest extent. Additional advantages are the convenient graphics design, the high quality of drawing, the unique animations, and enticing gameplay. You’ll be able to plunge into the world of adventure. After the slot is loaded, you will find yourself on the main screen with classic reels and high-detail symbols. On each side of the play field, there are numerical values indicating the number of active pay lines.

Below the reels, you see the inscription “Viking’s Treasure.” In the lower part of the screen, you can access the control panel, where you can choose the coin value, the number of active lines, and the betting amount. Nearby are the information panels displaying the amount of credits and the winnings received. Overall, the designers have created a truly high-quality product that will be of interest to many gamblers. The slot’s design is of really high quality and up to the mark.


The slot uses ice blocks as symbols that can replenish your account by 5-150 coins. Such artifacts as the Viking Ax, the Horned Helmet, and the Drakkar Sail will give you 100-1000 coins.

The scatter symbols sit in an outstretched hand. Three such symbols give you a bonus of 15 free spins with the x3 multiplier.

The wild symbol is presented as a formidable Viking. When this symbol appears, any winnings are doubled. Five wild symbols give you as many as 10,000 coins.

Bonus Round

The slot machine offers the opportunity to use a system of free bonus rounds. To activate it, it’s enough to catch at least 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the play field. When the free round begins, all winnings are multiplied by three.


The RTP ratio is 95.9%. The maximum amount of cash winnings is up to 10,000 coins, brought to you by a combination of 5 Vikings.


To sum up everything said above, the slot in question is designed to give you a good mood and deliver a heap of positive emotions. It allows the player to experience incredible adventures, become filled with the spirit, and understand what the life of the Vikings was like many years ago.