The Wild Rockets Slot Machine

Fans of gambling will appreciate the opportunity to create their own incredible and unique pyrotechnic show performed by the Wild Rockets slot machine.

In each game cell, you can find a huge number of pyrotechnics, including fireworks, salutes, missiles. All this diversity is showered on the players’ heads and constant rainfall and incredible downpours. The game atmosphere will take you to the atmosphere of the holiday, where each player is expected not only fireworks, but huge gains. The value of the return of the gaming machine is 96.7% of the bets made, and the size of the maximum jackpot can reach even 480 000 coins. To teach the rules of the game there is a demo mode that helps for inexperienced players.

The presence of a small semi-darkness, is most suitable for creating a festive extravaganza, using a significant number of boxes of pyrotechnics. It is this kind of background that is most suitable for such a bright slot machine. Two people, already prepared to launch fireworks, are waiting for your signal to illuminate the dark sky with colored fireworks lights.

Of course, there are other automata with bright animations, but the graphics of this slot are executed as brightly and impressively as possible. Separately it is worth remembering the successful sound accompaniment, which fits optimally into the holiday atmosphere.


Each player is given the opportunity if not to launch a rocket launcher into the sky, then, at least, an explosion of the cracker. However, for maximum efficiency and colorfulness of the game, you need to familiarize yourself with the control panel:

  • Thanks to the Coin Value button, you can select the value of the coins, and the Level key will allow you to figure out the number of coins used on the line. Separately it is necessary to tell, about windows Coins, Bet and Win where information on the sizes of rates, presence of accessible coins and the size of payment is displayed;
    • View information on payments will help you payable table, while a round button in the center of the screen will give a start for each new volley;
        Among the settings, you can also find a huge number of parameters, including the ability to activate the accelerated spin, change the graphics levels, turn off the screensavers, etc.


      In addition to a rather interesting design and a thought-out system of winnings, the Wild Rockets slot machine offers an unusual field for players, which is quite rare among gambling machines. There is an opportunity to launch fireworks in various five directions, but the range of flight for each individual rocket will be completely different. As such, the usual game lines in the system is not provided, but a well-thought-out opportunity for winning by using a variety of 720 ways. In this case, 5 characters will only be on the third reel. Among the 2nd and 4th line there will be four symbols, and among the 1st and 5th drum – three symbols. If you take into account that each of the winnings is considered to be directed in both directions, it becomes difficult to imagine the possibility of what fireworks are waiting for the player.


      To younger symbols it is possible to carry playing cards (in an assortment from an ace to ten), similar symbols were given practically by all slot machines from company Net Entertainment. They can bring in from five to 30 bets.

      While images with all sorts of pyrotechnic projectiles, firecrackers or bombs will not only attract attention to unusual design, but also very substantial payments from 15 to 250 bets.

      The image of the symbol Wild in the form of three rockets, has the ability to destroy everything in the path of its movement, leaving behind a trace of a significant number of wild symbols. Only the Scatter symbol remains unaffected. Run Wild can only 2, 3 or 4-th reel.

      Bonus Games

      Using Scatter allows the player to get additional free spins in the amount of 3 scatters – 10 rotations, 3 scatters – 20, 5 Scatter – 50 pieces.


      The player is given the opportunity to use 5 reels. The number of game lines is 720. The maximum number of bonuses to be paid is 480,000 coins.


      As a conclusion, it should be said that the creators of Net Entertainment managed to create quite interesting, exciting and exciting machine. Which will be able to offer the player not only the possibility of an interesting and exciting pastime, but also significant winnings thanks to a thoughtful system of bonuses and additional victories.

      A variety of all kinds of pyrotechnic effects and bright animation made it possible to make the gameplay look like a golden extravaganza. Thanks to the use of a huge number of wild symbols and the presence of free spins, a high dynamics of the game process is achieved. The panel with the settings is also quite convenient and beautiful. Thus, you get incredible results of the game process, which allows you to get real pleasure from gambling.