Wild Water slot machine


Wild Water is one of the few slots, which is dedicated to sport and healthy lifestyle. The NetEnt decided to create this slot machine to remind gamblers that it is important to take care of your body and to be always in good shape.


The reels of the Wild water slot feature a surfing competition on the ocean beach. At the background, right behind the reels, is the restless ocean with huge waves. The reels are interwound by vines of the beach palms. Along with high-quality graphics and fine line details, it instantly carries you into the atmosphere of sporting competitions on alabaster ocean beaches.


The Wild water slot comprises 5 reels and 20 paylines – there is nothing exceptional in that. Prior to starting the game, you are to choose the bet out of 10 bet levels and the coin value ranging from 1 to 50 cents. The number of lines cannot be changed; the players can only make simultaneous bets on all 20 paylines.

The Autoplay button allows for spinning the reels automatically without constant clicking the button with half-round arrows. The player makes the bet for spins in the automatic mode of the Wild water slot only once. The bet ranges from 1 to 200 coins. The jackpot of the Wild water slot is quite large and makes up 400 thousand coins. So it is something worth competing for. Many players find the slot machine similar to a real sporting competition.


Main symbols are the images featuring five different surfers. Three or more identical images of surfers on one payline form a winning combination. The five surfers comprise two girls and three men: they all are slim, smart and can be considered role models in terms of sport.

Special symbols award the players bonus games and special chances for winning.

More about special symbols

The Wild water slot comprises the following special symbols:

  • wild symbol, represented by the shark with a large mouth. The shark pops out on the reels, as in the ocean, all of a sudden; however, its appearance in the game is more joyful and pleasant than fearful. The shark easily turns into the image required for a winning combination on the reels. During free spins, the shark can expand across the whole reel. So the winning odds during free spins are much higher than in the main game;
  • the surfer scoring on the reels three or more times at once will award the players a prize. The player gets free spins – 15 to 60 spins, depending on the number of surfers on the screen at the same time;
  • the sunset surfer is the highest paying symbol of the Wild water slot. Five symbols on one payline immediately multiply the player’s bet 2 thousand times. This is a sort of the slot’s jackpot, though it’s wrong to define it as such, due to the fact that the winning sum is fixed and does not increase.


If any five images of surfers score on the slot’s screen in full, the player’s bet will be immediately multiplied 20 times. If the images featuring surfers will vary, i.e. all the characters will appear on the screen, the player’s bet will increase 200 times. Two bonuses are called “Surf Up” and “Surf Team” respectively. This slot has unique winning odds that are not present in any other slot games.

The Wild water slot is characterized by certain complexity due to the large number of elements. But at the same time, it is colorful, interesting and functional. It’s nice to watch fit men and women on an ocean beach; the game boosts your energy and peps your spirits. The operating process of the game allows you to enjoy the slot features.