Description of the game wonky wabbits

The game machine Wonky Wabbits is a completely new product of the famous company NetEnt. This product was created only for a single purpose – that it brought many positive experiences and joy to people. The theme of this slot seems slightly cartoonish, here you can see a variety of fruits, vegetables and funny rabbits with wonderful eyes.

General characteristics of the machine

This slot for the game is absolutely unique, it has an unusual system for most of the wild symbols with very interesting features, about which a little later. With Wonky Wabbits you can completely immerse yourself in the fairy-tale world and try to harvest, and even feed crazy rabbits. This slot will be able to bring you back to your childhood and you will have the opportunity again to feel easy and carefree. But this is only a virtual world, and we all live in reality, so here we must return again.

You will not be disappointed by the new emulator for the game, on the contrary: it will precisely place each player to itself. The creators decided to use this subject because they knew for sure that everything that is connected with animals and vegetable gardens is exactly what adults need most to feel themselves as children.

I must say that all their forebodings were justified 100%, because after a while, this machine collected a huge audience of true connoisseurs and became unrealistically popular among those who like gambling. Wonky Wabbits really deserves your valuable time and attention.

Description of the machine

Stylistically, the automatic machine is completely in harmony with the theme of the game and allows its players with great pleasure to plunge headlong into this beautiful virtual world. Like the well-known gambling connoisseur Crazy Monkey, this slot differs from the rest with a very funny story, decorated on a bright schedule. Designers have developed a new appearance of the slot, which is guaranteed to please all players. The background for this game is made in the form of images of different trees and hills, and in the background, mountains in the snow are visible. The action takes place in a small clearing, which is sown with vegetables, over which butterflies all the time flutter and periodically appear the main characters – rabbits. They constantly want to eat and have a great desire to drag something out of this garden. On top of the screen is the name of the machine – Wonky Wabbits in a very bright cartoonish appearance.

On 5 traditional drums there are funny symbols, which seem to be made of threads. At the edges of the drum, numerical designations are made that correspond to the line numbers activated by the player. This is a kind of hint. To the left in the corner is the Latin letter “i”, when you click on it, a window opens with information about winning combinations with their corresponding coefficients. Immediately under the drums there are information fields, and a control panel for the game process, which will allow you to set the necessary parameters and spin the drums. You can confidently say that the gaming machine looks very attractive and the designers have very qualitatively approached the tasks set.

Description of the game process

This machine produced by Net Entertainment has a very interesting and rich gameplay, plunging into which you will never have to be bored if you want to try your luck on this emulator. Before the start of an exciting trip, you will need to study the payout table and set the necessary parameters. Select the coin value for the game within 0,01 – 0,50, the number of participating lines in the game (maximum 15), and still need to set the bet level, which you will play. When setting these parameters, do not forget to control your budget and do not make quick decisions. Do not forget – the more active lines, the more chances to win. To start the reels, you just need to click on the green button. Then you have to wait until the combination is formed: maybe some will be winning and you will be deservedly rewarded. Also very exciting and unpredictable process of the game makes the presence of the symbol a wild, since the playing field can be filled with this symbol almost completely. This will allow the player to get very large payouts. The development team did its work as efficiently as possible and an excellent slot was presented for the players.

Automatic machine description summary

The Wonky Wabbits machine will enable everyone to pass the time with great pleasure and good spirits and receive a worthy reward. What could be more interesting than sitting at home, playing interesting emulators and getting deserved winnings? Combine the useful and enjoyable and you will definitely be lucky. Stick to a few elementary rules and fortune will smile at you. She always awards valuable bold and persistent prizes.