Piggy Riches Video Slot

General Description And Peculiar Features Of Piggy Riches

The Piggy Riches slot machine allows collecting combinations of symbols on 5 reels, using 15 active pay lines that run in different directions, as well as three additional symbol lines that designate a rich life.

This slot’s RTP is equal to 96.1%, while the maximum possible winning reaches 360,000 coins.

Payouts And Symbols

The gameplay involves 10 basic symbols that can be divided into two categories: themed (high-paying) and card (low-paying). In addition, the player has a chance to get a Wild Symbol or a Scatter.

Playing the slot, you can encounter symbols such as piggy banks, gold bars, wallets full of money, bags of coins, etc.

Value Per Symbol:

  • Bag of coins – from 5 to 2,000 in-game coins;
  • Gold bar – from 25 to 1,000 coins;
  • Car keys – from 20 to 750 coins;
  • Wallet full of money – from 20 to 400 coins;
  • Piggy bank – from 15 to 200 in-game coins;
  • Card symbols – from 5 to 125 coins;
  • The Scatter Symbol – from 2 to 100 coins and free spins.

To win real money, you have to obtain a combination of 3-5 symbols as a sequence that runs from left to right.

You get a payout only on the most lucrative combination on the active pay line.

The Wild Symbol itself doesn’t entail a winning. However, it can substitute any other symbol so that you obtain a winning combination and get a reward.

The Scatter Symbol entails a free spin, which may lead to payouts and special winning combinations.

Bonus Game And Options

The slot offers only one bonus option and the opportunity to get a free spin. The number of free spins depends on the number of piggies on the reel.

  • 22 bonus spins, 2x multiplier
  • 15 bonus spins, 3x multiplier
  • 9 bonus spins, 5x multiplier

4 Scatter Symbols give you:

  • 25 bonus spins, 2x multiplier
  • 18 bonus spins, 3x multiplier
  • 14 bonus spins, 4x multiplier
  • 10 bonus spins, 6x multiplier