Secrets of Horus slot


The Secrets of Horus slot machine is entirely focused on the theme of Ancient Egypt. This slot will help you to visit the world of pyramids, mummies, pharaohs, and mysterious legends. Secrets of Horus is a slot game for lovers of the unknown. The ancient Egyptian God Horus will reward only the most persistent and curious gamblers. The slot was developed by the company NetEnt, which slots are characterized by interesting design and peculiar features.


On the screen you can see yellowish sandy colours that resemble the sand of dry and hot Egyptian desert. Virtual reels in the Secrets of Horus are covered with painted papyrus, the scrolls of which are more often than not brought by tourists returning from Egypt. The logo can be seen at the top of the screen against the background of the bar ornate with hieroglyphs.


The Secrets of Horus slot has 20 paylines located on five reels. In order to play the game, you need to choose the number of lines by clicking the Bet Lines button, and then to decide upon the coin value using the Coin Value button. The Max Bet button is used for instant increase of the bet to the maximum, provided that the player has sensed an imminent winning of a large amount. The reels of the slot start spinning after the player has clicked the green button with two half-round arrows.

Bets and limits

The Secrets of Horus slot assumes the possibility to bet up to 20 coins per line. The value of each coin is fixed by the developer in the range from 2 to 50 cents. The maximum bet for 1 spin is limited to 40 euros.


The symbols of the Secrets of Horus slot are entirely focused on the theme of ancient Egypt, and gives the player a chance to get a little deeper into the world of pharaohs and ancient adventures. On the screen you can see an ibis bird, a golden vessel with jackal head, hieroglyphs, papyrus, sails, palm, golden signet ring, a sacred bird, the eye of Horus. The last symbol provides the player with the multiplier that offers the largest payout among standard symbols. Five eyes of Horus on a single line will multiply the player’s bet by x750.

The matches in the Secrets of Horus slot are taken into account when three identical images appear from left to right, and for symbols with large multipliers two images in a row are required.

Special symbols

Wild is considered the main special symbol of the slot about Ancient Egypt. It is represented as a mask of the falcon-headed God. It can replace all the simple symbols, act as joker to hit the jackpot, to form winning combinations independently. The mask, used for the formation of a winning combination, automatically doubles the prize.

Another special symbol is the scatter symbol. In this slot it takes the form of a scarab against the background of a laurel wreath. The scarab symbol can bring prizes independently, as well as launch free spins. If the scarabs appear anywhere on the screen independently, the player receives a multiplier. The size of the multiplier for the scatter symbols varies depending on the number of scarabs on the screen. For example, the bet in the main spin will be doubled for two scatters, while the total payout for five scarabs per spin will increase 500 times.

Another feature of the scarab is to grant players free spins. 15 free spins are guaranteed, if three or more scatters appear on the screen at once. In addition, the bet is multiplied by the fixed coefficient, as described above. The player will get 15 free spins in any case, regardless of the number of simultaneously scored scarabs, which should be no less than three.


A lucky gambler is destined to hit the jackpot from the God Horus himself. The sum is not a fixed amount, but a payoff of 10 thousand coins. In order to hit the jackpot, the player is to land five wild symbols depicting an ancient mask on a pre-paid payline.

The Secrets of Horus is a slot machine for those who like to reflect upon the mysteries of Ancient Egypt and believe in the benevolence of ancient gods, who will assist the player in winning a solid amount of money as well as gift indescribable exciting emotions and sensations.