South Park: Reel Chaos slot machine

Animated series “South Park” has received without exaggeration a stunning popularity. That’s why the company NetEnt agreed with the rights holders of this series and used its plot in its new slot machine. The slot was named South Park: Reel Chaos.

Fans of the television series will be able to appreciate the heroes’ images of the main participants in the events. Now battles and rivalry between them occur not only on the blue screens, but also on the drums of the slot.

The machine will be pleased with the bright design, specific humor, a lot of cash prizes. We are committed to plunge into the turmoil of the series and find out whether the main characters will be able to resist the strong onslaught of Professor Chaos.

Design of the slot

Before the game is invited to see a small introductory intro – it will help to know about the nearest plans of Professor Chaos and prepare for possible variants of the development of events.

To create a suitable atmosphere, the developers used several mysterious music, all the characters are drawn as clearly and in a realistic format. As the background screensaver is chosen not South Park in the abundance of sun rays, but a night city with a lot of secrets and luring riddles.

Each of the characters has its own unusual abilities and secret abilities. Special characters are used to activate bonus rounds. They will bring the players pleasant additional winnings. The control panel of the slot is also made in the style of the famous cartoon.

How is the gameplay going?

Before the start of the rotation, the player should familiarize himself with the slot settings. They are flexible and can choose a large number of configurations for productive gambling. The slot has 20 prize lines, but their number is fixed. Therefore, the player is able to choose only a bet, but still have to play only 20 lines.

The stake bet on the South Park slot is selected using the Bet Level function. The cost of each coin is selected using the Coin Value option. Using the settings, you can select rates from the range of 20 cents to $ 100 per rotation. Therefore, it will be very easy for the player to calculate the bet based on his budget for the game.


The main characters of the slot “South Park” are presented in the form of heroes of the animated series. Each of the main characters wears his unusual superhero costume, which makes him special.

Special symbols

The slot “South Park” provides three varieties of wild, as well as a Bonus-symbol. All three varieties of wild can appear at any time and replace themselves with any pictures on the reels, except for the Bonus symbol only.

Bonus Games

The slot machine “South Park” is interesting with its bonus mini-rounds:

  • Stacked Wild Cartman. It appears randomly on the playing field, then smoothly drops one cell down, allowing players to receive more cash winnings;
  • bonus round Kenny – the player will rotate the wheel of fortune, to get free multipliers for further play;
  • prize round “Wall” – it starts automatically after a certain spin without combinations. The player will have to rotate the drums until he drops the prize combination. Rotation of the drums for the player will be completely free. Each such rotation without gain gradually increases the multiplier by one unit. Therefore, the player will be able to bring his final multiplier to x10;
  • Kyle’s prize-winning round – he becomes active after appearing on the reels 3-5 wiles in a variety of positions;
  • bonus level Mintberry – is one of the most profitable on the slot “South Park”. It starts after the appearance of three characters with the inscription Bonus. The player is fighting with four enemies of Mintberry. If it turns out to successfully pass an exciting quest, then the player will be the owner of the main cash winnings on the slot. Remember that every rotation within this bonus game takes from Mintberry or his enemies life. The round is notable for its amusing and generous payouts.

The slot machine “South Park: Real Chaos” is a vivid example of how a well-known cartoon can become the basis for the plot of the slot. On the drums of the slot you can see the real chaos and chaos, but it will be exclusively in favor of the player. A saturated functional will give you a lot of chances to win money and diversify the routine process of rotating reels.